Sunday, November 2, 2008

a flicker of hope

i started this poem when it happened, on October 29th, but of course i couldn't finish it then!

cauliflower doesn't like cuddling, which is why this incident was so weird,
i decided there had to be a message hidden in it somewhere
for once in my life the message didn't take too long to appear
and now you get to read it, recorded for posterity here.

cauliflower is my toddler niece,
who just couldn't' seem to fall asleep
so i took her out of bed, hoping for some peace,
and we snuggled on the couch, under a fleece.

clutching her toy phone and bottle real tight
she babbled to me, full of delight
it's been such a long time since my heart felt this light
i started predicting a future so bright

a future with children, babies to cuddle,
laughter and joy, splashing in puddles...
a home of my own, to cook in, keep clean,
a caring husband, to share nachas with me...

and somewhere deep inside of me, the feeling grew,
suddenly, i positively knew,
that someday i want this, i really do-
how's that for something out of the blue?

next up: what happened right after this revelation...

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