Sunday, November 9, 2008

His Hand II

He showed me
His Hand.

i've been
waiting to see
His Hand
for so long...

and tonight,
when i needed
a friend
to hold me
and hug me
watch over me
when i cried

He sent her.
my friend.
i hadn't seen her
since her wedding
and tonight
just when i needed
a friend
so badly,
she "happened"
to be in the neighborhood,
and her husband
to want a
specific food
from his sister
who lives
a few blocks
so he
dropped her off,
and for half an hour,
she sat with me
hugged me
and let me
curled up in bed
with my head
in her lap.

what else
could that be
His Hand?


  1. So happy for you that you see it...


  2. corner?!?

    yeah, i've come to if i could just see how making my father take off a day of work next week is His Hand, i'd really be doing good...

  3. Yes, friends are a hug from HaShem... now where have I heard that before ;-)

  4. i wonder, sheffele, i wonder!

    but i better get one on friday, or shabbos, if i'm not too standoffish, k?

  5. get one what? hug? friend? huh?
    does that mean we're coming to u for shabbos? my mom said a while ago we might but no one tells me anything...

  6. gosh, everyone is really good at keeping you out of the loop! it's bring your own pillow and blanket weekend...(i might be kidding, might not! you'll find out, when i find out!)

  7. well, i have an answer for you about pillows and blankets now shef! (i think i like shef by the way, it doesn't sound like i'm talking to myself!) you can come as is, no need to shlep! we have managed to locate enough pillows and blankets, with thanks to the neighbors, so you only have to bring if you want more than one pillow!


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