Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ok, here's an attempt at finding something positive to write. not very easy, me being me, but...here goes!

i am proud that...
__________ i agreed to join a study, if i am accepted
__________ i said shema last night
__________ i went out and had a good time with my friend today
__________ i ate two real foods today, even though i wasn't in the mood

more to come, someday, maybe...

if i have so much to be proud of, why am i so...down?


  1. honestly, i don't think i should be getting much applause for that stuff...i should be way past most of it by now!

    i'm not really all that proud of it either. just couldn't think of a better word to use!

  2. Kiddo, I don't care what you "should" be up to -- I'm happy to see that you could find something positive to write. That is a good thing. Let's take the good things as they come, I don't think you can afford to spare any ;-)

    And the same goes for your next post. PLEASE try not to think too much about where you "should" be -- that's called pressure, and it doesn't help anyone. Dreams, goals, plans are great. "Should" is the ticket to a guilt trip.

    **end of sermonizing**


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