Thursday, November 27, 2008


well, this questionnaire is teaching me something new...

i'm so good! see, all those questions about when i was a kid...out of 15 questions, only 2 were "yes!"

so why do i feel so stupid, instead of good? maybe because i think it's the dumbest thing in the universe to torture me with all of this...i mean, was i supposed to be a terrible person? was i supposed to be mean, and nasty, and destructive?

first, i circled "no" by the question "did you lie a lot or con other people?" but then my friend told me that my lying couldn't have started just now, so if i'm a liar now, i was a liar then. thanks...thanks a lot. so i changed my answer.

i'm finally almost done. i'm left with 2 questions. well, on paper anyhow. 2 questions and at least one more hour of evaluation. which means at least another 3 hours travelling time, before they even decide if i fit the criteria for the study. i've already spent 16 hours on it-and that's without counting the time i spent on the questionnaire, or the time i spent worrying, and panicking...

and they can still say no.

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