Monday, November 10, 2008

too good to be true

last week, you all know,
i had my phone interview
made an appointment for an eval
on Veterans day...too good to be true

here i am, the day before
a wonderful psych eval,
waiting to get
a confirmation call...

instead what i got
is an apology
the clinic's not open tomorrow,
don't you see!

so all the waiting, all the nerves,
i had, are for naught...
another whole week of waiting
that's all that i got!

you heard right friends! after all my nerves this past week, about going to the city and meeting with a-gulp-male psychiatrist, about starting something new...the dear lady who made my appointment forgot that the clinic is closed on Veterans day. so i have to keep my frayed nerves all together for another whole, if you were planning to pray for my success at this evaluation on the eleventh, you can change the date to the eighteenth!

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