Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i'm a little slow at getting to it, i know.
that's cuz i'm a little nervous to post about it.
so i only intend to leave this up for 24 hours.
get your comments in...fast!

mumbai hit a little close to home. i know relatives of one of those killed, and let's just say they were taking it more than a little hard. my family was getting practically a minute by minute update on what was going on. somber...doesn't begin to describe the mood, the atmosphere.

and then...there's little sheep. i'm about to shatter any perception you may have of me (if there are any readers left who have such a perception anyhow) as a stable minded, intelligent, strong individual.

little sheep stares at her ceiling and says "wow. they're so lucky. off to a better place...a better world. they have no questions. they see why this is good. they don't need to worry about where the next blow will come from. they're so lucky...why don't these things happen to me?"

so now you have it folks.
headline news.
"Little Sheep Finds Something New To Be Jealous Of! Victims Of Terror In Mumbai!"
and you all tell me i'm strong, courageous, and loveable?

yelling at me is fine. just don't yell too loud. you might wake up the dead!

well, i'm not so scared anymore...
thanks everyone. maybe i will keep this up...(shef i and aba/ema of 4...extra thanks to you!!!!)


  1. LS please realize that it is not so much about you wanting to be a terror victim rather it is you wanting your deep agonizing pain to end and seeing death as a way out (even if you would never consider actually doing anything.

    I hope that the rest of today sees you fearing a bit better than yeasterday.

  2. floating, you have me curious as to who you might be!

    you are kind of right, except that, to quote i believe nancy j. napier-if i die, i won't be around to feel the relief that death would hopefully bring, which is why i'm not dead yet, if you get what i mean!

  3. Sorry but I dont think that I know you. I found your blog by chance but not sorry that I did.

    I like that quote even if it is a bit on the morbid side.

    Keep moving - stagnation kills!

  4. "they say" that nothing is by chance! but anyway, where'd you chance upon my blog? i've never seen your name around before...

  5. Not very original - found this blog off another blog.

    P.S. Do you give all new people the third degree? Or am I a chosen lucky one? ;)

  6. Once (actually, twice, because it was so inspirational) I went to the shiva for a very great person. He was one of the last remaining of his generation, and even among them he was very special.

    His daughter was telling us about him, and I may be misremembering the details here, but it's worth sharing.

    This man was no stranger to pain and suffering. He'd spent years in Siberia and I don't even remember the rest of his life story. Anyway, once he visited a matzah bakery, and he asked the person who was showing him around how hot the fires were. Then he asked at that temperature, how long would it take a person to burn to death? Kind of squeamishly, the worker said certainly less than a minute, maybe 30 seconds.

    The man got tears in his eyes as he related that where he came from, there had been a pogrom in which people had been burned alive just for being Jews. "30 seconds!" he cried. "Imagine, just 30 seconds of pain and then they went straight to the kisei hakavod (for dying al kiddush HaShem)"

    I share this for 2 reasons:
    1. To let you know you're not alone.
    2. To try to bring a bit of comfort for the tragedy in India.

  7. I can understand what you are saying for it is far easier to die "Al Kidush Hashem" then to live "Al Kidush Hashem" ... so I and EmaOf4 will still call you "strong, courageous, and loveable"
    Kol Tuv,

  8. honestly, i always wanna know where people find me. i want to know if my current campaign is working. just some people choose to email me instead of post a comment, so you don't get to read it! don't worry, you're not alone...

  9. shef i and aba/ema of 4, you can pat yourselves on the back. you almost have me crying. almost.


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