Wednesday, December 3, 2008

pleasant surprise

did you think this could be me?
for me...this is ULTRA happy!

thank You, Hashem, for helping me through,
i know this wasn't done by's all You.


  1. One step at a time ...i am super touched and pained by your story , may hashem give ou the strngth to carry on..

  2. Keep it up.....may Hashem give you thr strength...

  3. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to thank HaShem... but I can't help but wonder...

    When things go wrong, you act like it's your fault.
    When things go well, you say it's not you.

    I say make up your mind who's in control. If you can blame yourself for the mess-ups, then give yourself at least SOME credit for a positive. But if you're certain this is all HaShem and not you, then you can't blame yourself for the mess-ups either.

    My guess is that it's a combination. In which case, please give yourself a pat on the back from me. Or a shiny sticker ;-)

  4. SD, umm...maybe. is it hopeful? or is it fluke?

    Anon, and i care, thanks!

    shef i, i gave myself a pat, k? u happy now?

    david, u sure?

  5. Yes, that's better. :-)

  6. Take a snap-shot, figurative or metiphorically and put it in a box. Next time you feel that life can't get worse take it out and remember that there are up, happy days just like there are down days.

  7. floating, there is more down than up in this world. the happy days are all too rare.

  8. little sheep it's hopeful. I agree with shef on this. You are allowed to take credit for this. I mean, in my opinion you've tried to get there and hoped for this. It's not a fluke. Sorry to dissapoint you..

  9. certainly feels like a fluke to me! i can't reproduce this so...

  10. shef i--
    Right on! A very good point...

    And LS, no, a pat on the back is NOT good enough. What IS good enough is next time to keep what shef said in mind and impliment it in your life...

    arite? IyH I'll be holding you to it

  11. rebbetzin, you really do like to pressure me, huh? ;)

    just don't hold me to it too tightly...i don't wanna disappoint you!

  12. "floating, there is more down than up in this world. the happy days are all too rare."

    That's why we have to grab onto them, wrap them up well and keep them someplace safe... so in the down times we can take them out, remember them, and look for more to add to the collection.

    That's what sparkle stickers are for ;-)

  13. shef, there are no safe places in my world, remember?


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