Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a prayer II

Kind, kind friends
I need your help
Let's pray together
Let's all yelp

My pains too great
Everything's black

Please, God, the One Above
Let me come back
Earth is no place for me
All i see here is tragedy
Someone come take me away
Everything gets harder day by day

GOD, please, they say You understand!
GOD, please, it's getting out of hand!

GOD, please? please?



  1. My fellow sister , my heart is hurting and my tears are rolling down my cheeks....i know that i truly cant understand ure pain , but i want to reach thru this screen and hold you ...take away some of his pain....
    Hang in there....please...
    You will be in my tfilos...

  2. thanks, i care.

    all prayers are greatly appreciated! :)


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