Saturday, December 27, 2008

spiders III

the itsy bitsy spider
crawled through my underwear
even though i really
don't want it in there...


  1. Dear "little sheep", I feel so much with you.

    I do not come from a frum family, and my abuse was by far more bening than what you suffered.

    But when I started telling that my father fondled me, I had the whole family against me: My mother, my brother, my aunt,...

    No one would believe me: He couldn't remember anything, so it never took place. And the poor thing was so hurt by this accusation I hurled at him.

    I a had a horrible year and a half. The only thing that helped me, was when I found out, through TV Talkshows and Websites, that this kind of reaction - being kicked out of the family - was quite common.

    I wish you all the best.

  2. ora, frum home or not, i'd love to be in contact. check out my profile for my email address.

    please don't compare your story to mine! as much as you may say that compared to my story, yours is "benign," mine is to others. our pain can't be measured based on everyone else's!

    you wrote "being kicked out of the family." just out of curiousity...did you mean that literally or figuratively? were you kicked out or emotionally blocked out?

    hoping to hear from you,
    little sheep


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