Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stupid study update...

so they called me today. joy to the world!!

HR: hellooo, this is HR caaawling on beehayf of dr. m from the uh study uh at the uh Neew York Staaate Psychiatrriiic In-sti-tooot aynd Columbeeeaa Yoo-nii-ver-siity. uh, dr uh m would liiike to meet with yooo for a final uh evaluation on uh tyooosday at uh noon that's uh twelve. would that uh work for you?

LS: i have to check with my parents and get back to you. (yes friends, little sheep checks with her parents about these things. because little sheep is a scaredy cat)

HR: ok, uh, so, uh, you caaawwll me back and let me un know if its uh good for yoooou. and uh, if i don't pick up, uh, leave me a uh message that it uh works for yooou to uh, come at uh, twelve on tyooosday. and uh, if it, uh, doesn't work for yooou, uh, yoooou will uh, say that.

LS: ok


this was NOT a call to tell me that i was accepted. it was a call to tell me that they need to evaluate me AGAIN! what are they gaining from this, exactly?

oh, and by the way, this one is with a man. again. yay. (a new man...well, new to me, anyway)


  1. OMG I can't believe it!!! You were right! How frustrating! :-(

    ((e-hugs)) whatever you decide with your parents, I am behind you rooting for you all the way...

  2. PS, I don't think checking with parents is a scaredy-cat thing. Your parents are very smart people with a lot of life experience and also slightly more objective than you. For most people, checking with parents is a good idea at any age. With parents like yours, it's a great idea!

  3. It must feel really annoying to have your answer about the trial procrastinated like that. I hope that they start getting a move on soon.

    Sorry that you have to meet this guy but if he is involved you may probably end up seeing him again.

    Hazlocha and thinking of you

  4. shef-thanks...

    FR-oh boy am i gonna have to meet him...dr m, who i'm meeting next week for the first time, is the head of the study.

    i don't wanna meet a guy...



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