Friday, February 13, 2009

good things over this past week:

i decided today, that my post don't call the psychiatrist yet is all fluff and no action, and that i need to actually do something about it. (see rebbetzen? i do sometimes act like i wanna get better...) this is an attempt to fulfill the line

"today, i want to kill the pessimist inside of me,
instead, i want to replace it with the optomist i can be."

well, here goes:

~had shef over for shabbos! thanks shef!

~walked to a friend shabbos afternoon, and had a great time (mostly)! thanks friend!

~had a short four hour job on wednesday, that went really well.

~visited a friend at work wednesday afternoon. thanks other friend!

~slept in the car on the way to therapy and read a book til i was nauseas on the way back, and thus avoided any undesirable sightings.

~had another short job today, and didn't freak out on the way home when it was just me and the bus driver left on the bus!

~managed to get in two showers this week! (we won't mention how the showers went. just that they happened, and i haven' t gotten more than one shower in a week in a long time)

stay tuned for part two, next friday! (and if i forget, i really do deserve a yelling.)


  1. Hurray! I am so happy. Here is another proof.... (sorry, had to throw that in)

  2. Yelling... That's right. Here it is: THAT'S GREAT, LS!!!!!!

    And after this don't want people saying their proud in you?

  3. ::woot::

    You SO did not tell me that the bus ride was fine, and I was afraid to ask :-P
    (moral of the story: check blog even MORE often)

    Anyway Shabbos was a pleasure and I'm waiting to be invited back soon :-)

    Make it another great week! Start planning next friday's post!

  4. SD-we already decided that your point has been proven, and that you don't have to keep bringing proofs, remember?

    BTS-nope. no proudness. appreciation that i finally wrote something positive, yes. but not proudness. we've been through this...

    shef i-you know that anything significant that doesn't involve only you is gonna be on my blog...about next friday's post...just pray it shouldn't be too long in coming.

  5. I know I'm a little late but I don't get over here to often but ...
    Yah :)

  6. thanks Aba! i was starting to wonder if you still read this...i guess i have my answer now! (it's never to late to comment on any of my posts)


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