Monday, March 23, 2009

another psychiatrist visit

next step in this life of pain
went to the psychiatrist again
my decisions don't make her happy
since i'm not going to DBT
a worthless visit anyhow
no new decisions were made now
no med changes, no new therapist,
just left me feeling therapissed!

*therapissed-to be annoyed at one's therapist


  1. LOL about the TheraPissed. I totally get you.

  2. lol!
    you are so funny.....
    we 'issued up' people can use a little laugh once in a thanks...

    and hey, just let things the end it all falls into place..., tell me to shut up cuz' at this point i'm such a wreck and totally not practicing a word i just preached....


  3. JAP-it's not my own word, but i liked it as soon as i saw it. i didn't think of using it though, until someone else pointed out that that's exactly how i seem to be feeling. i can be a little slow sometimes...

    tova-see, now you said i'm funny!! i'm glad i made you laugh...but i'm not telling you to shut up. cuz i know that if you weren't such a wreck right now, you'd be practicing every word, and that as soon as you're feeling better, you'll be right back at it! :) "see" ya!

  4. OMG! "Therapissed" That is hilarious!
    Believe me, I'm in the middle of "DBT" hell - and it is a complete waste of time and $$$$$$
    For what it's worth - I think you made a wise decision on that one!

  5. grace-i got the word from BTC, to give credit where it's due (click the link in the post...)

    reading your blog was one of the things that turned me off of DBT programs. i might do DBT with a private therapist, but i'm not sure. i'm still waiting for an answer from her...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

  6. The thing that really sux is that I have to finish the classes - like I gave my "WORD" and so I continue to go.... every week.
    I do like the instructor tho - she's very validating- I just think Marsha Linehan is a joke!
    I mean, give me a break! She's going to teach ME how to cope? I was sexually abused for 10 years, and raped, she was a NUN who grew up in the cleaver family! Come talk to me when you've been raped at gunpoint - let me know how you're "mindfulness" works then!!! I'll be anxious to hear!
    *Grace steps down from Podium now*
    Well, Little Sheep - I think you may have inspired me to write another post about DBT :-)


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