Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i'm a mess

i'm a mess right now.
i can't stop hurting myself.
i know this post is going to get some people really mad at me.
i'm sorry....


  1. Nobody's mad at you. Until we are put through something like what you've been through, there is really no way for us to judge your actions.

  2. Not mad at you. Just understanding, and feeling your pain. Wishing you comfort so you may not need to hurt yourself.
    Be gentle with you.

  3. little birdies & insiders all-welcome! thanks for not being mad. but it wasn't complete strangers who i was referring to in my post. i was talking more about my regular commenters/rl friends who read my blog...especially rl friends, who have slightly different expectations of me than strangers would. you don't expect that i'll call you first, they do.

  4. hey,
    so you're messed up?
    that makes two of us.....
    wanna party?

    why the need to hurt yourself when you're hurting already?????
    just wondering.....

    p.s. mad? sorry? why?
    "it's all about you."
    keep in mind, dear, that at the end of the day, everyone moves on but 'you' stay with yourself. make yourself someone worth spending time with....

    all the best....

  5. i don't know why. i just need to. maybe it's just time to admit that i'm a freak, that's all. i'm not worth spending time with, ok? i'm just not. now what are you gonna do about it? whatever. not making any sense.

  6. fine...
    you're a freak...and you're not worth spending time with....
    ok? now what???

    (what am i gonna do 'bout it? go to your blog and i'll "slap" you...)



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