Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i hate this time of year. hate, hate, hate it. if i'm acting weird, or spacing out on you, or freaking out from nothing and everything, or not making sense, or rambling, or anything to any extreme, it's cuz it's almost pesach. this year, he's not coming for pesach at all. except maybe one day of chol hamoed. but why would anyone know that yet? why would anyone think that maybe little sheep has to reserve her friends in advance for that day, or there's no gauruntee that she'll have someone to be with when he comes? how silly of me to think that it makes a difference to him. doesn't help that his wife is due in like two months. and whatever. yeah, it's almost pesach. did i ever mention that i hate pesach?


  1. Hopefully the time wont drag too much and it will soon be over.

  2. I'm sorry you hate Pesach- I sympathise. It will be over in about 2 weeks if it helps much...


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