Wednesday, March 11, 2009

strange things are happening

life is getting stranger by the day.

on my home from therapy, (where i rated my therapy as going nowhere, but that's another story) our car almost got hit by a wheel. or tire. or two tires. two tires on a wheel? whatever it was, the cop sure looked glad when he ran past our (fortunately?) stopped-just in time-car.

when we got home, i was greeted by my father and a cup with five grapes in it. huh? his ruv gave it to him to bring home to me...

strange things are happening in my world...


  1. u got grapes from de roove? whoa... can i bask in ur light now? ;-)

    anyway i'd better stop now because this comment is liable to be seriously misunderstood...!

  2. ya, er hut geshikt es far mir.
    i have a plastic cup as a souvenir!


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