Monday, March 2, 2009


i'm so tired
of being me
isn't there someone
else i can be?


  1. what makes you think that someone else got it better?
    we're each given our package in life... i would not handle yours and you would die from me, life on the other side is not any rosier-although it may seem like that sometimes. those who don't really know me or what i'm going through-ENVY ME! yeah, you heard right...they think i have the perfect life... if only they knew, they would be greatful for what they've got and pray for me...(i can use some prayers...)

    see, as hard as life is for me, and it's soooo hard, i at least know whats on my plate...its familiar...i wouldn't trade with anyone...

    so, rest up darling...gather some energy, and continue being YOU!

    (sorry, i chose to just stay anonymous again...but if it makes you feel better i'll sign off as,)


  2. i don't want to change places permanently. just a short break...from me.

  3. Hi little shefele.
    why not swap for a short time. I'm also tired of being me.
    So perhaps it would bring us a bit of change to swap...
    I'm sure you would see my world with much more positive eyes then I do, and you would help me to cherish what I have (which I do not do enough for the time being).
    Take care of yourself.

  4. Heh. You're so right - a short break sounds PERFECT. Just long enough to really see what it's like, and then go back to the familiar with a little more energy to pick up where you left off... Yeah, I've thought of this too. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to work it... gotta talk to the directors of Freaky Friday, maybe ;-)


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