Sunday, April 19, 2009

bunkbed III

my big brother is so cool
he's like a dentist you know
"just pick up your hand
if you don't like it," so

as the tickle fight progresses
and i want him to stop now
i pick up my hand screaming
"STOP" as loud as i know how.

my big brother is so cruel
he's like a dentist you know.
i pick up my hand to tell him to STOP
but he continues to GO.


  1. I really wish someone had been there to break your brother's arm.

  2. You put all your posts back up! Awesome!

  3. AZ-wishing ain't gonna help any.

    SD-slowpoke! ;-)

  4. When did you do it? I can't figure out when it happened!
    Did you resolve the issue that caused you to take it down?

  5. i don't remember when i did. i can check, but not now.

    it's not fully resolved, but as resolved as it's gonna be

  6. How old were you when you shared a bunk bed with your brother and how old was he?

    If he was older than 9, this was a crime.

  7. i don't give out my age at any given time. we didn't share a bed. he had his own bed in a different room. there was a crime commited though-sexual abuse. but you knew that, you've been reading my blog.


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