Friday, April 17, 2009

can't get the words out

words what are words what are they for why write them who reads them who needs them who cares why bother try and make some sense of it how does this fit in with my life i can't think why think what's the point in doing that does it ever end thoughts are floating through my head but i can't catch them and figure out their meaning

i'm so mixed up and i can't figure out what i'm trying to say or how to say it or what i'm thinking or why i'm thinking it i forgot to email someone i was supposed to email and now if i do she won't even get it before monday so what's the point in doing it why are my thoughts such a mess what's the point in all this mush

i'm more messed up than i thought my thoughts are spinning twirling swirling and i can't straighten them out or make any sense out of them

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