Sunday, April 19, 2009


trust betrayed
i've been exposed
boundaries crossed
spirits crushed from
words spoken

i'm not sure how much longer i can keep my blog up.

to all my friends, please take up where i'm leaving off!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that - its terrible, why cant ppl leave what they dont know well alone. I see that you have deleted much of your blog :(. You must be really hurting. Please don't give in to these loosers and give them the satisfaction of falling. You deserve to stick up for yourself and have been a great campaigner. Try to keep it up.

  2. Shef,
    Your bravery and courage in making a blog and then a website has been a true source of inspiration to me. Im so sorry that someone took advantage of your vulnerability- especially when you were doing only good things with it. Its unfortunate that people are cruel enough to exploit something as fragile as this. I cant even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you. I know how much it takes to be able to put everything into words, and when someone goes and completely throws it back in your face - it makes all the more painful.

    Please dont think that all the hard work you put into making this blog and all the time you took to express yourself and what happened to you was for nothing, because you touched a lot of people (me included ). Its so so important for people in the frum communities to understand that they are not alone, because there is an added isolation when your surrounded by communities that want to push this under the rug.

    I really hope you do decided to keep this blog up- but if you dont I can understand. I hope that this only pulls you up higher than you have been! Please keep us posted on how your doing if nothing else.
    Take care.


  3. it's not deleted, just unpublished. i'm not really sure how to deal with this situation, so this is the way it is for now. i don't think it's permanent.

  4. kacy??? OMG, you're ALIVE!!

    i'll keep what you said in mind when i make my final decision. like i said, the stuff is just "unpublished" now.

    i'm waiting to see you over at the website! email me for the info if you don't have it!

  5. If anyone's been giving you a hard time, they should die.

  6. Im alive :D!! Sorry Ive been so quiet, but I still checkin up to see how things are going on your end ;) !!

    Im not sure how to sign up for the other website ? but Id love to join!

    Take gentle care!


  7. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain right now.
    My thoughts are with you...
    I wish you a few moments of peace in the midst of your turmoil.
    ~ Grace

  8. OTD-no, they shouldn't. sorry, i'm not angry at the world. one person did something that got me really angry, but i'll get over it, when i finish telling him off. and one person innocently took his advice, and messed around with things. am i happy with the situation? not really. will i live? yeah. is this going to destroy me forever? no. so i have no reason to wish death on anyone.

    KC-check your email for info on that

    grace-i'm getting over it, slowly but surely. thanks!

  9. I really hope you keep your blog online and going. I think it's extremely important.

    Few things anger me personally more than a breach of based on the little that you wrote I'm sure this is a difficult and infuriating situation.

    But IMO your blog is much too valuable to be allowed to end.

  10. It is terrible that someone violated your privacy. But if the help that you get from the blog can overide the pain of someone reading it then by all means keep the blog. pehaps you could put a security measure of some sort on the blog. Don't forget that you are the most important person here and if the blog helps then put yourself first. Try not to let anyone keep you from getting healthier and achieving happiness cuz g-d knows you deserve it. you really are an amazing person.

  11. You sent in this link on frumteens, so I assume anyone can comment.. If it's private, then please tell me before you delete this. I'm not much good with words (how bad was that half a sentence?), but I knnow a few things. That things today, an hour ago, three months ago, 2 years ago, were all different. things change, and in my experince and in the experiences of so many people i've known, it's like baking soda into vinegar. goes straight down, shoots right up right after, then shakes before it settles where you want it. something else i can tell is, you're gonna make it. I dont say that unless i almost know it. i try not to lie. another thing, i dont know you personally, but i''ve seen what you wrote and been around others, and people who i couldnt say would make it suddenly nhad everyhting turn around in a miracle. worst case scenario kids, so many times you cant and wont be an exception. dont worry about that part. and you know that you have people here, and at frumteens, and in your life, and wherever else, who can listen. and help. and sometimes need you to help them. you've done amazing by yourself and others. keep it up. it will all good. it is.

  12. AZ, i'll know pretty soon...

    EMR-i hope i'll be able to work things out with the person in question. if i do, my blog will be back in full force soon!

    taon-gee, i never knew anything that i tried posting on frumteens went up! i've had so much trouble with that site...who are you anyway? how would i have been able to tell you anything before deleting it if i have no clue who you are? email me please...(check my profile for my email)

    thanks so much for your support everyone!

  13. Goodness. I'm so sorry LS. I do hope that you manage to work things out because this blog has been great.

    Coping (from the other blog)

  14. I meant post a reply in these comments so i'd know for next time.So, is it okay for people who don't know you except through what you wrote to come here?

  15. coping-i'm waiting for you to sign up for the website!

    taon-yes, it's fine if you comment. i'd still like you to email me though...

    i'll be back everyone! just got back from lobby day in albany and therapy, and i'm feeling very empowered. as soon as i change a few settings, my blog WILL return to its former state! thanks a million for your support!


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