Wednesday, April 29, 2009


life is wonderful,
life is great,
i love life,
it's me i hate.

life is beautiful,
life is fine,
it doesn't have issues,
the issues are mind.

life is amazing,
life is sweet,
for all the bad stuff,
i'll take the heat.


  1. You impress me by your positive outlook and really trying to live and see the world and the beauty in it despite all the odds which have been stacked against you - keep going and you will get there yet.

  2. "the issues are mind."

    Should that be "issues are minE" or is mind intentional . . . both work . . . I think . . .

  3. i read all your new posts. i know u like wen ppl comment but the words just dont cum out.
    u dont want 2 hear that im sorry for you, do you? so instead i say nothing. but maybe u mind the silence, like i pretend nothings there, nothings happening... one day, my heart will find its way 2 my tongue.... in the meantime, just know that im thinkin of u, that i daven for you... (and all the other sheffeles)
    Keep strong,
    the real me

  4. I second the real me. Every time I read a post my heart breaks a little more. May Hashem help you (and all the other sheffeles) grow ever stronger from your experiences and grant you a full refuas hanefesh.


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