Friday, April 3, 2009

positive post III

this week i...

~cooked lunch for my family (one day)

~cleaned for pesach

~ate two meals (four days)

~walked around the block with my sister (thanks for the idea, rebitzen!)

~volunteered in a school (two days)

~went out for ice cream (thanks shef & *me*!)

~went out with a friend (thanks friend!)

~emailed a bunch of rabbis and therapists

~went to a shiur (thanks shef!)

~went out to eat with my mother and brother

~finished therapy with therapist #9

~got my hair done

~read a book, just because


  1. HURRAY!!!!!!! I finally made it on! That ice cream was awesome, no?
    Does the letter in the yated count? Does the amazing amount of positive publicity you have generated for abuse survivors count? Give yourself credit, m'dear!!

  2. *me*-yes, it was. i dunno. i dunno. why should i?

  3. wow, another great week...

    good luck for the coming one...therapist and all...

    you're fortunate to have such good and caring friends...
    it's a gift...


  4. The list is getting longer each week...that is so nice to see.

    I second Tova - you seem to have a great bunch of friends :)

    May the coming week bring you an inner sense of 'freedom' even though you find pesach hard.



    What book -- anything good? Can I borrow it? ;-)

  6. tova-i hope it was great. somehow, my weeks look a lot better in the posts than they do in real life...thanks, i'm gonna need all the luck i can get. and yes, i'm very, very fortunate.

    FR-that's mostly cuz i write pettier things. i can get even stupider than that, but i'm too embarrassed to. amen!!

    shef-*deep bow* the second mother daughter book club book. sure u can :-)

  7. LS- THEY DO COUNT!! And just cuz I said so!

    And shef, don't we get a comment from you bout how good that ice cream was? ;)

  8. Wow, it's incredible seeing the progress. I'm serious, it's amazing. Good work!

  9. *me*-ok, ok, you win.

    half-i don't really see it as progress. i see more as making a fool out of myself by writing down stupid things. but if you think it's amazing, i'll accept the compliment :D

  10. LS, don't feel bad. I usually do. :-D


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