Tuesday, April 14, 2009

question of the day:

if i sort of unintentionally hurt myself, and that triggers me, so i hurt myself on purpose, and now i'm in pain, is the pain my fault?


  1. I'll write more about what i think later.... I think this is such an important and sensitive issue in one's relationship to oneself.

  2. no it is not your fault. sometimes the pain is so great and you don't know what to do, that the only way to release the pain is to hurt yourself. i know this may sound strange to ones ears, however even though the optimum is to of course learn to one day not hurt yourself. sometimes the pain is just to great and this is the only way to release the pain. so don't blame yourself. you are getting better and will stop one day. don't beat yourself up. you are to good for that.

  3. "if i sort of unintentionally hurt myself . . . is the pain my fault?"

    Of course not . . .


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