Sunday, April 12, 2009

words of wisdom

from a messed up mind

~things don't get better. they get worse.

~anything is possible to the one who doesn't have to do it alone.

~falling apart sounds better every day.

~explosions are cool!

~why bother?


~angry? who's angry? i never get angry.

~pesach is the most beautiful holiday out there. that's why i love it so much.

~the harder the holiday is, the more likely it is to be a week long, involve lots of family, and have simchos fall out on it.

~i'm happy. have you ever seen me not happy?

~i really need a life.

note: some of this is sarcastic, some is not. it's up to you to figure it out. and if you can't, you don't know me.


  1. "~things don't get better. they get worse."

    Sometimes that's true. Sometimes it's not. But there's no reliable formula to tell you when.

    "~anything is possible to the man who doesn't have to do it himself."

    Well....that is true in that people who don't need to climb mountains themselves tend to badly underestimate the difficulty. And yet....I think it's actually true: anything is possible. I think the more practical question is choosing goals that are worth the expenses of reaching them.

    "~falling apart sounds better every day."

    Yeah....sometimes it does.

    "~explosions are cool!"

    Yeah :-8 smoke, fire and shrapnel!...

    "~why bother?"

    Yeah.... sigh. I know the feeling. (That's one whose days I try to minimize.)

  2. "~anything is possible to the man who doesn't have to do it himself."
    Ah, but you're a woman. And not alone, either. ;-)

  3. AZ-you gave me food for thought...

    shef, just for you, i'm editing this post.

  4. "Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door"


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