Saturday, March 28, 2009

childhood games

we used to play together, you and i.
did you ever think that games i played were weird?
do we even have the same memories of the games we played?

when i think of playing lego with you in my living room,
i don't picture myself moving around the mentchies...or building...
*too embarrassed to say what i really picture...*

when i think of playing with you in the downstairs bedroom,
(remember when it was big?)...
*too embarrassed to say what i really see*

do you remember it too?

this is not talking about jack. this is actually speaking to a real, good friend, who i hope is reading this. shabbos brings back interesting memories! what do you remember, friend? (you commented here)


  1. hi, after talking to you today i just found your converted blog-now website. dont know if you were spec. referring to me here but i remember sitting in boxes and playing make believe and generally creating our own little world. On another tangent I am so happy I went today and was able to advocate a little on your behalf and on the behalf of others and potential victims. Even if this bill is not passed its a step in the right direction.You handled yourself very well and I dont think i was as helpful to you as I could have been but seriously you spoke out, you were heard and you didnt FREAK OUT BEYOND CONTROL!!!
    keep it up and let me know if there is more I can do in the future xoxox

  2. thanks :) yeah, i was referring to you. who else knows me that long and reads my blog? only you and one other person...and she has this thing against commenting! k, if that's all you remember, then either i'm very messed up and have an awful memory, or you just remember different things than me...or both. i can only think of one thing with boxes, and that was when i was hiding you and your bro so you wouldn't have to go home...

    i hope i made a difference and that my voice was heard. i felt like i was constantly shaking and tugging my hair and picking my skin and stuff.


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