Monday, August 4, 2008

he and i

why am i the one
who feels the shame
when i really know
that he's to blame?

why is it that both
he and i have the same-
all over, a polished
untainted name?

why is it that
because of his acts
i've suffered for
years, and in fact-

been through therapists
galore-now's number nine
while he's moved on
with his life in this time?

whe does he have
three kids, a wife, a house,
while at the thought of marriage,
i run like a hunted mouse?


  1. i have such a mixture of feelings when reading ur blog: nausea, sadness, anger, and fear...
    Hashem yeracheim!!!!
    but ur an amazing writer!!!
    how old are u now?
    how old were u when this whole thing started?

  2. i'm in my twenties. we think i was seven when it started, but no one knows for sure.


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