Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 4-May 3

I'm really moving along right now. The day started out like the others. Didn't sleep well, rubbery omlette for breakfast.
Spent the begining of the morning lying around, not doing much. But the girl on status, stephania, pronounced stephanie, was really nice and we talked a lot. I hardly even noticed when it was lunch time. That really opened me up to get more into things. After lunch, I talked to her more until mommy came. Then tatty and A came in, and mommy and shef went to look for stuff. Later, when they came back, the nurse gave me most of my stuff. A and ta left while I was eating supper, and then shef and ma came back again until they were kicked out. After I walked them out, I asked my status person if I could sit in the living room. I was there with B and E and L till snack, when I finally remembered to ask for my cookies. Then we sat and talked and sang at the piano, (B plays) till I got a phone call, and now it's curfew. I hope I get off status in the morning, so I can take a shower normally. I have enough issues with showering without the door being open to the status person!


  1. Hmph. Sorry, everyone, LS was so excited that she completely forgot to write about how my coming over was totally the highlight of the day. So I just thought I'd fill y'all in on that ;-)

  2. duh!!! 'special since you took my mother shopping :-D


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