Sunday, May 31, 2009

one month

yesterday was my ONE MONTH MARK in my no SI campaign! i went a whole month! :-)
on the no picking side, i'm at ONE WEEK, TWO DAYS :-)

any ideas how to celebrate?


  1. take a field trip to a park with some friends, ipods, stuff to read, and a yummy cake with candles. best way to celebrate anything :)

  2. I have no ideas how to celebrate but I do want to express my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats!!!!!!
    A party with friends, ice cream, music, food.... just wish i could join! :-)

  4. YEAH! What they said -- and count me in!

    Seriously, though -- wow. I hope you're as proud as I am, but just in case you're not, I'm having some extra ice cream in your honor ;-)

  5. Good for you!!

    Keep it going strong...

    ...and by the way, I knew you will get to this point... I just knew... and I'm so, so, happy for you...

    Good luck on the future....
    One step at a time...

    We're all here rooting for you and holding your hand...


  6. Wow, that's incredible. You inspire me! What did you end up doing to celebrate?

  7. ¡Fantastico!

    I don't know how one "should" celebrate this... but I pray that this month will only be your first!

    (Actually come to think of it.... I'd recommend starting with some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream!)

  8. What a Great accomplishment!!

    You're a true inspiration!

  9. Howabout spending a weekend with your coolest friend? :-D
    So prouda you lil' sheep! Keep it up!

    Shef, did you really have ice cream and not invite me? Hmph. :-p


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