Friday, May 15, 2009

positive post VI

this week i...

~got out of the psych ward

~completed 14 days SI free

~remembered modeh ani almost every day

~went to a family simcha

~remembered my meds on my own

~communicated well with my psychiatrist

~visited EV (3X)

~had two friends over (thanks A, thanks EG :-)

~went out with my friends (2X, thanks A & L)

~went to a shiur

~didn't freak out when i got my hair done, or when i got a manicure

~went to talk to my teacher

~went out to lunch with my mother

~made a decision to stop picking my skin, scalp and cuticles, and completed three days (and counting!) of no picking


  1. Little,

    I know I've posted this on 'the site' already but I want to say it here again...

    You bring tears to my eyes...
    I am so so happy for you...
    You deserve this and so much more...

    You inspire me...


  2. btw,
    Who's EV??

  3. Wow that sounds like a very accomplishing week!
    I know you can keep it up!

  4. TRM-it's amazing what writing down things i do can do for my ego...and for my positive post!!

  5. totally, i know what u mean! (well, maybe not abt the positive post - but abt the ego, yeah)


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