Thursday, May 28, 2009

positive post VIII

this week i...

~remembered modeh ani (6)

~remembered meds on my own (6 night, 6 morn)

~visited two friends on shabbos

~remembered shema (6)

~completed my 27th day SI free, and my 6th day free of skin/scalp picking

~talked to dr. a. l. on the phone without freaking out

~went shopping with my mother

~kept my room neat

~two showers

~made challah (2)

~went walking with my father (1)

~went for therapy twice

~volunteered twice

~visited a friend 3 times, had friends over twice

~got a manicure without freaking out


  1. you. are. AWESOME!!!!

    keep it up, gal. and be proud of yourself!!!!


  2. Maybe one day it'll be me that you had over..... ;-)
    (how does Sunday sound?)

    You are so cool!

  3. rebbetzen-like i said, you're great for my ego!


    *me*-gimme a call and we'll discuss it!

  4. Oh gosh. I should make some goals for myself so I can be this impressive too :-P

  5. shef-go ahead. then tell me about them, and i'll be good for your ego!


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