Sunday, May 24, 2009 day

i try
and yet i
don't know why

i will
upon myself ill.

still want to hurt
still want the pain
still refuse to see
that i've gained.

one day...
one day...
i'll get there, you'll see.
one day...
one day...
i'll be proud of me.


  1. we've been proud of you all along! on that day, we'll just be even prouder!

  2. I like this poem. It recognizes and acknowledges that what you are going through is hard but yet, you see a future where this is different, you have the dream, and its is only when we dream that we can hope to change. Hazlocha dear.

  3. "...i'll be proud of me."

    I like that line.
    Says a lot about owning your pain and your gain. Your poem explains the natural flow of the process...

    Thanks for sharing....


  4. Know what?

    More proof why I think you're awesome :-)

  5. TRM-thanks

    FR-i'm glad it came across that way. i wasn't sure...

    tova-thanks. you always know exactly what i mean..

    rebbetzen-i love when you comment! you're good for my ego :-)

  6. Great poem!

    Hope it's how you're feeling! (Particularly the last part . . .)

  7. ari-would i write it if it wasn't?


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